Foundation for Criminal Justice 2017 Awards Dinner

For the Public Good
Pro Bono and Liberty's Last Champion™

Foundation for Criminal Justice 2017 Awards Dinner

Honoring and featuring remarks by Vanita Gupta

July 28, 2017
Fairmont San Francisco
7:00 pm: Cocktails
8:00 pm: Dinner

Black tie optional

The Foundation for Criminal Justice preserves and promotes the core values of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the American criminal justice system. Through the projects it supports, the Foundation for Criminal Justice is at the vanguard of pursuing reforms necessary to make America’s criminal justice system fairer and more humane by supporting public defense and sentencing reform, addressing racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal justice system, opposing overcriminalization, guarding against the evisceration of fundamental constitutional rights, and supporting death penalty reform.

The legal profession knows what “for the public good” means. Lawyers have always known that the public good is the great goal of the law — and serving the public good is reflected in the profession’s own ethics codes. That is why the bar, unique among professions, can mobilize to stand against injustice by advocating for people who cannot advocate for themselves. Stand with the Foundation for Criminal Justice as it honors the pro bono lawyers who have stood with Liberty’s Last Champions™ in fighting for the rights of a free society.

“This year, the FCJ celebrates the tremendous pro bono contributions provided by countless law firms and individual lawyers. This invaluable support is critical to the ongoing struggle to make the nation’s criminal justice system more rational and humane. Whether it is providing legal guidance on myriad issues, authoring critically important amicus briefs, or undertaking research and analysis to support various reform projects, the defense function and society are enriched by this generosity. The FCJ’s 2017 Awards Dinner honors these pro bono heroes of the legal profession.”

— Norman Reimer, Executive Director, Foundation for Criminal Justice and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers


Why Support the Foundation for Criminal Justice

This is an important time for supporters of criminal justice reform. The specter of new and unprecedented threats to criminal justice reform looms large. Public defense systems badly need reform and resources. Technological innovation and policy trends present unprecedented risks to privacy rights. The collateral consequences of arrest and conviction threaten people with permanent civil incapacitation. Overcriminalization, Brady violations, and the “trial penalty” continue to stifle due process of law. Now is the time to press for reform and to support the nation’s criminal defense bar.

The Foundation for Criminal Justice is fighting to address these issues. Here are a few of the current and upcoming initiatives that the Foundation supports:

  • Unprecedented projects and reports that support and expand Fourth Amendment protections;
  • Public defense reform on the state level and preservation of the embattled federal public defense system;
  • Strategic opportunities to combat excessive sentencing;
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the panoply of issues raised by body cameras and recommended policies and best practices;
  • Brady reform designed to ensure prompt disclosure of all favorable evidence;
  • Projects that tear down the collateral consequences of arrest and conviction and promote legal mechanisms to restore rights and status after conviction or arrest, such as pardons, expungements, and certificates of good conduct; and
  • Training programs and web-based resources for lawyers whose clients face the collateral consequences of arrest and conviction, especially involving their immigration status.

For any other questions, please call Daniel Weir at (202) 465-7640.

All proceeds from this event will help the Foundation for Criminal Justice pursue its vital criminal justice reform goals in 2017 and beyond.

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